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Daytime Cultural / Nature Tours
Traveling Road Shows only until further notice.

Native Village is a microcosm of traditional early 1900’s Seminole living with everglades and it’s wildlife. As you enter the unmistakable hint of a wood fire greets your arrival.

You can come and walk through Native Village on a self tour, with our guides available to answer questions. They will be happy to catch a baby alligator for you to hold and take pictures with.
$ 5.00 Children 4-11 (Under 4 for Free)
$ 10.00 Adults

Learn the difference between alligators, caimans and crocodiles by seeing them living side by side in our Big Oak habitat.

Pay respect to our retired Large Alligator the legendary “Long Jaws” in his honor habitat.

Taking “Long Jaws” place in the spot light is “Lunge” a 13 foot approximately 1,000 pound bull alligator who resides in the “Gator Hole” next to our settler’s cabin.

See many of the other animals on site like “Chain Saw” the prairie dog, “Ghost” the fox, andother mammals, reptiles, fish and fowl.

Enjoy a South Florida afternoon in the traditional Seminole village under a chickee(a palm thatched structure similar to a tiki hut), or a at a shady picnic table.

We also provide guided tours for individuals and groups.

$ 10.00 Children 4-11 (Under 4 for Free)
$ 15.00 Adults
*Hold baby alligator and take pictures
*Bull Alligator experience
*Live Snake Handling Demonstation and Lecture

For years people from all over the world have marveled at our wildlife demonstrations as educational, informative and enjoyable. None of the animals are ever harmed in these demonstrations
(except maybe the two legged).

Live snake handling demonstrations by our guide
take place at our swamp amphitheater.

Traditional Seminole Alligator Capturing demonstrations, which have become known as “Alligator Wrestling” take place in our
Capture Pit in front of the Settler’s Cabin.

Alligator Capturing ( Wrestling ) Show
and Snake Handling Show are available with Guided tour

Show and Tour combined
$ 15.00 Children 4-11 (Under 4 for Free)
$ 25.00 Adults